How to store your Magic cards

Storage is an aspect of the Magic: The Gathering hobby that always seems to fall under the radar when we talk about the game. However, it's something that affects everyone in the scene, regardless of how they interact with the game. Players, dealers, and collectors all need one thing: cards. And those cards need to go somewhere. In this article, we'll look at different ways people store their MTG cards:

  • Folder
  • Card Boxes
  • Albums
  • Deck boxes

Folder systems

The most common way to store Magic cards is in a 3-ring binder with card sleeves, organized by sets and then alphabetically by card name. Although this seems to be the most obvious solution, there are several ways to organize the cards in these folders. The most common system is to have a tab for each set and then within those tabs for each letter of the alphabet. This way, it's very easy to quickly find a specific card, since you can just glance at the tab and know where to look.

However, some people do not want to use this system. They prefer to sort their cards by color instead, grouping single-color cards by the Color Wheel, followed by multi-color cards in various combinations, and colorless cards. Others prefer to sort by card type or theme; for example, they would sort all the enchantments in their folder together.

One of the biggest advantages of using a folder to store cards is that it's easy to transport. Most folders are designed to fit easily into a backpack, so you can take your collection to any event. They're also relatively lightweight, so they're easy to carry. A binder is also easier to view on a table than cards in a card box or album.

Card Boxes

While folders are the most common storage solution for Magic cards, there is another option that offers some advantages, especially if you have a large collection: card boxes. These storage boxes come in a variety of sizes, from 60 cards to 4,000 cards. They usually have compartments for multiple decks of cards and have a lid that can be kept closed for added security. Some card boxes are designed to store cards in sleeves, while others are designed to store cards without sleeves.

One of the biggest benefits of using card boxes to store a collection is the security they provide and the ease with which you can find specific cards. The slots for card decks in these boxes allow you to store your cards in sleeves or without sleeves, and give you easy access to any deck you need immediately.

A common system for storing cards in storage boxes is to put each set in its own box. This means that you need as many boxes as you have sets, which can be a lot and is becoming more so with the constant new releases of Magic. Another system is to sort the cards by suit, similar to the folder system described above. Again, this may require a large number of boxes.

Card albums

While folders and card boxes are the most popular solutions for storing Magic cards, there is another option: a card album. An album is like a binder, but for cards in sleeves. These are plastic cases with multiple sleeves, each of which holds a single card. The sleeves are often removable so you can take the cards out one at a time. Albums also usually have space for cards behind the cards on display, allowing you to keep extra cards in the album without losing space.

Another advantage of an album is that it protects the cards in the sleeves, especially during transport. This makes an album a good option for storing rare and valuable cards. The protective film of the album also ensures that the cards cannot accidentally slip out.

Deck boxes

Another way to store Magic cards is a deck box, a small container designed to hold one deck. They are usually made of plastic or, in some cases, metal, and can hold cards with or without protective sleeves. Many players like to customize deck boxes to suit their personal style or the deck they contain. For this reason, there are many different types of deck boxes on the market.

The biggest disadvantage of deck boxes as a storage system is that they can only hold a very limited number of cards - usually no more than 100 cards plus a few tokens if the box is designed for Commander decks. This means that if you're using deck boxes to store your entire collection, you'll need a lot of boxes to house all of your cards. This can make it difficult to find the box you are looking for, and also make it difficult to transport many deck boxes at once.

Many systems for many different needs

Whichever one you choose, keep in mind that none of these examples are perfect for everyone. Some people like to sort by color or by color and rarity. Others prefer to sort by sets and then by color or rarity. The best thing to do is to test several different systems and decide which one makes the most sense for you.

Whether you're a top competitive player or just enjoy the game as a hobbyist, a proper storage system is crucial to maintaining a collection that you can use easily and safely.

The most important factor in deciding on the right system is how many cards you have and what you want to use the cards for. With this information you can find a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

Another option: do not store cards themselves

As with many other themes, there is also the option to use a service and let professionals take care of the card storage. For Magic: The Gathering, such an option didn't really exist for a long time. However, TCG-Vault offers this as a part of the service. Of course, it takes a lot of trust to simply put your collection in someone else's hands. But for those who don't have the time, money or space to store their cards, this can be a good alternative.

At TCG-Vault, the confidence you need is provided by services such as 24-hour video surveillance of the storage facilities, included insurance, and the use of machines made for industry professionals. At TCG-Vault, your cards are not only safely stored, but you also have a digital overview and can access them from anywhere. This information is very useful when you need to decide whether to sell your cards or not.

By far the biggest advantage of a card storage service like TCG-Vault is that you don't have to do all the work yourself, you can have it done by trained experts. As nice as it is to have a huge Magic card collection, it's also nice to not have to deal with the hassle of keeping those cards safe and close at hand.

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