Ways to sell Magic: The Gathering cards

The days when Magic: The Gathering was dismissed as a niche hobby are long gone. Today, the game that founded the trading card game genre is recognized by many as a titan of the tabletop game industry. This development goes hand in hand with a professionalization of the secondary market that is far from over.

For the average MTG player, this means that the list of ways to sell and trade Magic cards has never been bigger. In this article, we'll talk about some of those opportunities:

  • Local game stores
  • Online marketplaces
  • Tournament seller

Local game stores

The Magic card store has long been a staple of gaming culture. Thanks to the growth of the game in recent years, many cities and suburbs now have a Magic specialty store - and if not, you usually don't have to travel far to the nearest LGS.

Selling cards in a conventional Magic store has some advantages and disadvantages. Of course, you'll need to bring all the cards you want to sell when you sell in a real store, which can quickly become difficult if you want to sell a large amount of cards.

On the other hand, in most regions of the world, you'll get a higher price for your cards at a Magic store than at any other retail outlet. And you'll also get cash quickly when you need it. The experience is usually very customer friendly and places a high value on community. However, in some areas where many Magic stores are close together, stores may compete with each other, resulting in lower prices than you can get elsewhere.

Another disadvantage of selling cards at the local game store is that prices can drop quickly if you sell a large collection, for example. Buying a large collection on the spur of the moment means a lot of work and a lot of time for a game store, since every single card you offer is going to be resold. This effort does not pay off for the store if it does not buy large quantities of cards for reduced prices.

Online marketplaces

Nowadays it is possible to sell Magic: The Gathering cards online through one or more online marketplaces. There are several such sites, for example Card Kingdom, Channelfireball or TCG Player. However, the largest TCG marketplace in Europe is Cardmarket. On Cardmarket you can create a seller account and add items from your MTG inventory (as well as from some other trading card games) to the marketplace.

The biggest advantage of selling online is that you can reach a much larger audience and therefore potentially get a better price for your cards. The downside is that these platforms charge a commission for each sale, which can cut into your profits, especially if you have some high-value cards. Also, a larger audience means more competition, as you'll have to compete with every other seller on the platform.

However, listing each card takes time, and even more work comes in keeping prices up to date for each card you offer for sale so you don't miss price spikes or drops. This work multiplies the more cards you try to sell, to the point that selling thousands of cards is a full-time job if you want to do it right.

Tournament seller

Selling or even buying tickets from professional sellers at tournaments is becoming increasingly popular. Thanks to online registration, many players can easily prepare and start playing as soon as they arrive at the tournament venue. This means they have more time to talk to others and potentially make deals.

At a tournament you always get instant cash for your tickets, and that also means you can make an immediate purchase if you need a ticket for an upcoming event. Tournaments also offer a great atmosphere, and you can enjoy the event even when you're not playing, because there are usually additional activities, attractions and food at the venue.

However, selling large quantities of tickets at a tournament is even more difficult than at a local game store because you usually have to travel farther to an event with professional sellers. Also, since they only have to compete with the few other sellers at the same event, the competition isn't as great, so sometimes the prices you get for your tickets aren't as good as online. However, with large, professional sellers, you can reliably sell rare, high-quality tickets that some local stores don't have the money for.

Approximate prices for Magic: The Gathering cards

Knowing the approximate price of Magic: The Gathering cards is important if you want to get a fair price when selling them, or if you want to know if someone is offering you a fair price for a card they are selling.

Rare cards are usually more expensive, as are cards that are only available in one edition of a Magic: The Gathering set. Older cards are also more expensive than newer editions. The older a card is, the longer it has been in circulation, so there are fewer available copies, and collectors tend to buy older versions for collector reasons.

A common way to determine Magic: The Gathering prices is to look at the prices of cards that are similar to the ones you want to sell. You can then make adjustments based on factors such as the edition of the set the cards come from, or whether they are playable in one of the formats.

A solution for large collections

As mentioned earlier, the traditional methods of selling Magic cards can often lead to problems when trying to sell a large number of cards. One solution to this problem is to use a service like TCG-Vault. This new platform allows you to submit your entire inventory and creates an online overview of your collection for you. It shows you daily average prices from Cardmarket for each card and allows you to sell your cards through Cardmarket with just a few clicks, instead of listing each card individually. Of course, there is a commission involved, but there are many players who prefer to buy from a reputable store with positive reviews and a good reputation rather than making an offer from a single seller. Usually, selling a large collection through Cardmarket means a lot of effort due to posting and shipping each card individually. If you sell through TCG-Vault, you save this effort and additionally you can take advantage of the excellent Cardmarket rating of the TCG-Vault Powerseller account.

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