Don't miss a single of
your mtg cards anymore
with TCG Vault

Organize all your Trading Card Games in a single vault with digital dashboard

TCG Vault is your secure place
to manage all of your mtg cards online.

TCG Vault is designed to make your life easier by providing a
full-stack online management solution for your mtg cards.

Find hidden gems
in your stockpile

What was worthless yesterday, might be a treasure today.

Track prices and playability of cards

New deck? New formats? Re-invent your decks with old treasures.

Build decks intelligently

Build decks from scratch, alone or with the community. Use every single card of your collection.

TCG Vault is for you if …

How it works

1. Send in your cards

All you have to do is to register for a TCG Vault account and send in your mtg cards. Just ship in everything that you don't regularly look into.

2. Check your email

As soon as your cards arrive you will receive a notification email. Your cards are then sorted, digitised with an individual name and image and then securely stored in your individual Vault.

3. Access your personal online portfolio

View your cards and their current and average value in your digital portfolio.

4. Build your card deck easily

In your dashboard you can match cards with decks from all over the world. View the best matches of your cards with successful winning decks or your own created decks.

5. Send backs

Depending on your subscription model you will get the cards that matter back. It doesn't matter if it is for your collection or a deck to play. Of course, you can always decide to get all your cards back.

6. Buy, sell or swap

TCG Vault makes buying, selling or swapping mtg cards easier than ever before. You got high end cards?
We match you with your business partner for your jewels. All it requires is the click of a button.

Need more
reasons to join?
Check the
features & benefits!

Join our mission and pre-register for our platform - no strings attached, no payment - just limited seats for our beta program.

  • Absolute security

    TCG Vault provides a secure place to manage all of your MTG cards online.​ Our vault is protected against all possible threats, from theft to fire. Your cards will stay in your individual vault.

  • Full-stack online management solution

    You can manage your whole collection in an easy way, and filter your collection by the cards that matter for you.

  • Deep insights into you card collection

    The TCG Vault dashboard not only enables you to get a comprehensive overview about which cards you actually own, but also shows you what they are worth right now and on average. Understand the completeness of your collection and filter your cards by name, color, edition or value.

  • Save time and prevent chaos

    You will no longer waste time sorting your cards and safe space. Instead, you have a personal online database of your MTG cards.

  • Find a deck library on the platform.​

    Select popular and trending decks to see how your collection matches them and what is left to buy. ​

At a glance

Before becoming a user

Bring together and ship your cards that you want to get sorted, listed and displayed in your personal online databank.

Powered by


After TCG Vault received your cards, we will sort them with the modern technic of roca sorter, 1000 cards will be sorted in under 2 hours.

After you signed up

Your cards will get listed after a short period of time. You will get a notification when you can start your TCG Vault experience.

Our upcoming features​

We continually work to improve.​

  • Advanced deck builder​

    Build your own decks online and share them with the community. ​

  • Collection builder​

    Create your own collection binder with your personal collection settings, fan of land art?
    Then create a land art binder, also fan of Legends? Do the same only with legends. ​

  • Wishlist

    Create your personal wishlist, with cards for your collection.​

  • Trade & exchange cards​

    Trade cards with people in Europe with only one click. ​

  • Buy cards​

    You don't wan't to sell or trade your cards, but you want to add new cards to your collection?
    No problem, you will have the option to buy offers from other users, or our professional partners. ​

  • Sell single cards or bundles​

    Only your core collection matters? Sell all cards you don't need anymore.​

  • Integrated grading service​

    Get your high end pieces graded, professional grading from Germany. ​

Does that sound just right for you?

TCG Vault is designed to make your life easier by providing a full-stack online management solution for your mtg cards.