Digitization incl. grading

All cards sent to us go through our digitization process.

This starts with a manual pre-sorting, where the condition of each card is determined (grading). Then the cards are scanned, using the Roca Sorter from Roca Robotics, which was developed specifically for TCGs like Magic. In the final step, the cards must go through another manual check to eliminate scanning errors before they are uploaded to the TCG Vault digital dashboard.


As part of this process, each card is also given a unique ID in our system. This makes it possible to determine at any time who owns a card and where it is located.

Online dashboard with filters

The Online Dashboard is the main view of your collection, where you can access, filter and search all cards. You can also see the total number of cards in your TCG Vault. At the top of the dashboard you will find a search bar that allows you to find individual cards.
You can also filter your collection by the following criteria:

  • Colors or color combinations
  • Rarity
  • Edition
  • Price
  • Foil/Nonfoil

From the Dashboard you can access the individual view of a card, where you can find, among other things, its official rules text. There you will also have an overview of how many copies of this card you own in which edition, which language and which condition. In addition, the detailed view shows you the status of each card, for example, whether the card is listed for sale or not.

Current prices and price trends

The online dashboard shows you the value of your collection and the average price per card based on that. In addition, in the individual view of each card you can see its current price and also the historical development of the price. All these prices are based on Cardmarket's 7-day average price for the card, which is updated daily. When you post cards for sale, you will receive a price suggestion for each card, which also corresponds to the 7-day average price.

Single card and bulk trading on Cardmarket

With TCG Vault you can easily put cards from your Vault on Cardmarket for sale with just a few clicks. This works for single cards or for up to 2,000 cards at once. If you want to sell more than 2,000 cards, you can simply run the process multiple times.

Using the filters in the dashboard, you can create a selection of cards that you can then add to the cards for sale.

Of course you can set an individual selling price for each card, but you can also adjust the price for all cards at once. In each step we show you transparently all fees (Marketplace and TCG Vault), as well as your potential payout if all cards are sold at these prices.

Sale via TCG Vault Powerseller account

All cards put up for sale on TCG Vault are automatically listed on Cardmarket through our TCG Vault Powerseller account.
This allows you to benefit from our reach, increased trust, and our impeccable rating, and you'll achieve a higher sales probability and better prices on average.

Customers like to bundle their orders with a seller they can trust and who offers a wide range of products, especially to save on additional shipping fees. 

As a Powerseller, we meet Cardmarket's highest standards for quality when processing orders. This is a crucial reason for many customers to order cards sold through TCG Vault.

Comprehensive order processing

We will handle the entire shipping process for you.

As soon as any of your cards are sold, we will take care of picking, carefully packing and shipping them to the buyer.
Of course, we also take care of possible queries of the buyers or clarify any problems that may arise during the order to the best satisfaction of all.

Meanwhile, you can conveniently keep track of which of your cards were sold when and at what price via the online dashboard by simply filtering your collection by card status.

Shipment service with pick up

Our submission service will help you send your collection to us as easily and conveniently as possible.

For this purpose, we will send you a package with 6×2,000 transport boxes, which you can use to send us up to 12,000 cards at once. You'll receive it all in a resealable box, which also comes with a postage-paid return label.
So you don't need a printer, or parcel tape. Once your cards are packed, you can either drop off the package at a DHL station, or let us know and we'll have the box picked up from you.

You can use the submission service for free during our beta phase. After that, an annual subscription also includes free use of the sending service. Otherwise, the shipping service with 14,99€ is still cheaper than if you would pay the postage for such a package yourself at DHL.

Our subscription models

Annual subscription

debited monthly, or paid in advance!
0 per month
  • As a beta user no monthly fee until 01.01.2023
  • Send in unlimited cards
  • Unlimited free submissions
  • Current prices from Cardmarket
  • Secure storage of the cards
  • Easy selling via Cardmarket incl. shipping service
  • 1 TCG Vault submission service free of charge, thereafter €14.99

Monthly subscription

flexible, debited monthly!
0 per month
  • As a beta user no monthly fee until 01.01.2023
  • Send in unlimited cards
  • Unlimited free submissions
  • Current prices from Cardmarket
  • Secure storage of the cards
  • Easy selling via Cardmarket incl. shipping service
  • TCG Vault mailing service €14.99

Any more questions?

Find all information in our FAQ!
Otherwise we are looking forward to your questions on our Discord.