General questions

  1. Our incoming inspection puts your shipment in the chain of submissions to be processed.
  2. When your shipment is opened, the cards are transferred to our storage boxes and then placed in a specialized robot for sorting (Roca Sorter).
  3. Each scan is accompanied by a unique ID.
  4. At the end of the scanning process, the card lists are safely stored in our storage boxes in the scanned order.
  5. Your scanned cards will be uploaded and available for you to view and edit.

Depending on the quantity of cards sent, the duration varies, on average it is about 5 working days from the date we receive the shipment.

Please contact our support with your shipment number (


  • Foil prices: Currently we can not show the prices for foils, this will be added in one of the following updates.
  • Basic Lands: Are sometimes assigned to the wrong edition. Due to our manual post-testing, there may be longer waiting times.

A beta is there to let a not yet finished project emerge on the open market with the feedback of the users. Errors and problems can occur and exactly these are important to develop an optimal product in the end. Thank you for your help and understanding, if not everything works 100%.

During our beta we are testing the second version of our software together with you. We have already successfully completed the alpha tests with dozens of users.

Now we want to learn with you and incorporate your feedback.

During the beta, we offer a limited (but rapidly growing) set of features.

  • One time price synchronization
  • Limited card sales opportunity
  • Value analysis
  • Map analysis (e.g. playability)

We have already tested our system and fixed many bugs.

Our Roca Sorter scanning machine ensures that nothing happens to your cards. 

Furthermore, errors of gross negligence are of course insured from our side.

Since Q1 2022 the beta has been launched and despite a rate of over 99% correct scans, errors can occur, these can be wrongly assigned edition of the same map, in rare cases, it can be a completely different map. This currently occurs mainly with Basic Lands. Therefore we ask for your indulgence and feedback if you discover such an error.

After your invitation you will get exclusive access to our platform and be one of the first supporters:

  • Exclusive status as a supporter on our Discord
  • Exclusive surprise drop with a booster (more about that soon)
  • Invite friends exclusively (to the front of the waiting list)
  • Give us direct feedback
  • Possibility to vote on new features

You can support us with your feedback. We want to build TCG-Vault together with the community and listen to your opinion.


In general, all original "Magic: The Gathering" cards are listed at TCG-Vault, except for promotional cards, tokens and cards deleted from the MTG database by Wizards of the Coast.

You are also welcome to send in cards that have been graded.

Cards that are bent too much are not accepted by TCG-Vault. This happened especially with foils from the Commander Legends edition. Such cards will be returned to you (see next item for details).

Below is an example: the card on the left is standard, while the card on the right is too bent and we do not list it.

These will be kept in the customer box until your first return and then sent back with it. If it is a large quantity, these cards will be bundled and returned at your expense immediately after scanning is complete.

In order for your cards to arrive safely at TCG-Vault, it is important not to give the stacks of cards any slack. That is, if you pack cards in the manner described, make sure they are fixed in place and cannot move around in the packaging.

Generally, shipping without sleeves is recommended, but if you want to send in very valuable cards such as Gaea's Cradle or Underground Sea and pack them in the toploader, this is allowed. Please note: The more toploaders you send in, the longer it will take to process your collection.

Again, make sure that no slack is allowed in the cards and also use the recommended outer packaging (See picture)as well as the recommended sealing of the package.

Confirm shipping: Please confirm your shipment and enter the tracking ID.

Arrived: Your shipment has arrived and is waiting for further processing.

In review: Your cards are being prepared for scanning.

Scan: Your cards are in the process of being scanned and digitized.

Online: Your cards are online and can be viewed.


The feature to return individual cards is not yet available at the beginning.

Please note that a return of the cards will still be placed on "Waiting" until the release of the feature (Rollout: Until mid 2023).

You can get all your cards back at any time if you cancel your account. The return of the cards is at your expense with insured shipping by DHL.

Depending on the quantity, the duration varies, on average it is about 5 working days.

Prices and sale

If cards are sold by you, you will receive a receipt to be signed, fill it out completely and after receiving it we will transfer your amount.

  • Sales on Cardmarket: Here your sales are summarized once a month and sent to you bundled as a receipt.
  • Sale on TCG-Vault (collection sale): Immediately after receiving your receipt, it will be created after the transaction.

We charge 5% vendor fee and 10% commission to TCG-Vault for each sale via cardmaket to cover processing by us.

We will take care of the shipping and sales for you.


We synchronize our prices with cardmarket, the leading marketplace in Europe (

Map states

We manually check the condition of every card sent in. We distinguish between the following four states.

Our card condition "Top" includes cards that would be classified as "mint" or "near mint" by cardmarket.

A card is considered "top" if it looks like it is fresh from the booster. Here, as long as the card looks like new, it counts as "top", even minimal white spots (as seen in the picture) count as "top".

Why no distinction between "Mint" & "Near Mint"?

"Mint" and "Near Mint" usually have only a minimal difference. In order to simplify processes and make it easier for customers to understand the states, we have decided to combine the two states and mark this with the designation "Top".

A card is considered "Excellent" if it has slight marks on the edge and/or surface.

Our card state "Played" includes cards that could be classified as "light played", "good" or "played" on cardmarket.

A card is considered "Played" if it has more wear than an "Excellent" card and has no damage as shown in "Damaged". Here, the entire edge may be worn, and the surface may also be heavily worn.

A note on foil cards: If a foil card is in better condition than "Played" in terms of traces, but has so-called "Clouding" (a noticeable cloudiness of the surface), then it counts as "Played".

Why no distinction between "Good", "Light Played" and "Played"?

Our experience in the industry has shown that these states often have only minor differences in reality. To simplify processes and make it easier for customers to understand the states, we have decided to group these three states together and label this "Played".

Our "Damaged" condition denotes cards that would be considered "Poor" on cardmarket.

A card is considered "Damaged" if it has visible damage. This can be bends, water damage, cracks, or the like. It does not matter if the card is otherwise in a better condition than "Damaged".