Our submission service

The all-around carefree package that lets you conveniently send your cards to TCG Vault

All around carefree

With our consignment service, we take full care that you can send your Magic cards to us safely and without any hassle. We have the right shipping boxes for your collection, make sure they are delivered right to your door, and get them back to us from there. All you have to do is put your cards in it - that's it!

How it works:

1. select sending service

If you want to send cards to the Vault using our send-in service, create a shipment in the app. Then send us an email with the subject "Send in service" to info@tcg-vault.com with your customer number. If you have an annual subscription, the first submission service is even free for you!

2. wait for package

We will send you a package with six boxes, each suitable for 2,000 cards. The shipping box in which you can place the card boxes contains a return receipt and a return slip - both already filled out by us. It usually takes no longer than 2 business days for the package to reach you.

3. pack cards

Now you just have to pack your collection into the card boxes. Be sure to pack the cards without sleeves so that they don't get jammed in the precisely measured boxes.

4. return collection

Once your cards are packed, you stick on the return label and drop it off at a DHL parcel store of your choice. Alternatively, you can select a pick-up date for your return on TCG Vault, in which case the DHL parcel carriers will come to you. In both cases the return is already paid by us!

5. ready!

You don't have to do anything else now. Within a few days, your package will arrive and we will immediately take care of scanning your cards and storing them safely. Of course, we'll keep you updated when your cards arrive and when you can view them in your TCG Vault dashboard.

Send-in service

The all-round carefree package
  • Insured shipping with DHL
  • For up to 12,000 cards
  • High quality packing material
  • Postage is included
  • Have package picked up at home

For all TCG Vault annual subscribers, the first submission service is free. For each additional submission service, as well as monthly subscription customers, you pay €14.99.

There is no easier way than getting your cards to us. 

Our send-in service is even cheaper* than if you pack a package yourself!

* cf. 16,49 € for DHL package up to 31,5 kg (plus packing material)

Questions and problems

If you have any questions about our submission service or problems using it, please contact our support directly at support@tcg-vault.de and we will take care of your issue as soon as possible.